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The Iqbal Project is my tribute to the single most important Muslim thinker of the past century. It will be a collection of his poetry from his Urdu and Persian texts translated into English from the following books.

(ارمغان حجاز) – The Gift of Hijaz, (با ل جبر یل) – Wings of Gabriel, (با نگ درا) – The Call of the Marching Bell, (ضر ب کلیم) – The Rod of Moses, (اسرارٍ خودی) – Secrets of the Self, (رموز بیخودی) – Mysteries of the Selflessness, (پیامِ مشرق) – A Message From The East, (زبورعجم) – Persian Psalms, (جاوید نامہ) – Book of Javed, (ارمغان حجاز فارسی) – The Gift of Hijaz Persian

At present there is no such collection of Iqbal available in the West, and where a rare translation of one of his books can be found, it often fails in capturing the imagination of the reader. God willing, my approach will be to deliver a version of Iqbal that comes as close as possible to the original message, as Iqbal writes in Secrets of the Self:

“arise and pour wine into my cup, pour moonbeams into the dark night of my thought that I might lead home the wanderer and imbue the idle looker on with restless impatience: and advance hotly on a new quest”.

A writer, poet and philosopher of Iqbal’s brilliance deserves a mass audience, especially in a world that is increasingly idle in its outlook. At the start of the 20th century Iqbal shook the entire Muslim world from India, Iran, Turkey to North Africa with his message, there appears to be no good reason why a hundred years later similar reverberations cannot be felt. A small amount of support from you will allow me to dedicate a lot more of my time into this project, including research and reading of a wide body of his work that already exists in English, allowing me to consolidate, correct and produce a volume that can finally fill a much needed thirst of Iqbal.

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