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A collection of poetry and prose, this book brings together conversations, reflections and supplications from man to his Creator and to his beloved Prophet Muhammad.

What is Enwrap and why write it?

Enwrap, to be Enveloped, Cloaked or Covered.

(73:1) O you the (sleeping) enwrapped one!

At the start of his prophethood, our beloved Prophet Muhammad, asked Khadija (ra) to cover him in his mantle. Unable to cope with the weight of the words revealed to him by Jibreel, he turned to his closest friend, the mother of all believers, for comfort and protection.

The Prophet went out one morning in Medina wearing his cloak when he came upon Hasan. He wrapped him under it, then came Hussain and he wrapped him under it. Then came his daughter Fatima and he took her under it, then came Ali and he also took him under it.

One thousand three hundred and eighty-seven years have passed since our beloved Prophet (pbuh) left us. Enwrap is the unfolding of our mantle. Enwrap is a request to our Mustafa to pull us in, to cloak and envelop us. Enwrap is an attempt to reflect our place on this caravan, Enwrap asks for hands to be clasped in supplication as the burden has become too weighty. For who is better to ask for intercession than our Mustafa, our al-Shafi (intercessor)?.

Enwrap is an ask from the an-Nur (The Light Personified), the as-Siraaj al-Muneer (The Lamp of Illuminated, the Incandescent) to consider the lamps we lit in his name, and to light once more the path for us.

Enwrap, to seek mercy from the only one who provides mercy (‘Ar-Raheem’)

Enwrap, to be bestowed from the only Bestower (‘Al-Wahaab’)

Enwrap, to be interceded by the best of intercessors (‘al-Shafi’’)

Enwrap, to be guided by the best of Guides (‘al-Hadi’)

Enwrap, to have the door opened, by the Opener (‘al-Fatih’)