Tour – Heart of Persia

Travel the roads of the ancient silk road through Persia. The ‘Heart of Iran’ tour will take you to the heartland of ancient Persia on a 12 day tour.

Please note: Once the deposit amount has been paid – we will confirm the booking and ask you pay the remaining balance at least 45 days before the commencement of the tour.

Full Tour Cost:

  • £ 1,350 for the ‘Shared’ room tour
  • £ 1,550 for the ‘Private’ room tour




Join us for a tour of Iran where we will take you to the heart of ancient Persia. Walk in the footsteps of the mighty Achaemenids and see the city of Persepolis, explore Isfahan, the capital of the Safavids and be awed by the mysterious and fascinating world of Zoroastrians in Yazd as you climb the Tower of Silence.

This tour has been designed to show you the beauty and diversity of Iran from the perspective of locals. You will be deeply immersed in Iranian culture, eat only traditional food, sit and converse with locals in cafes and experience Iran the only way it should.

The tour will last 12 days and will cover the following cities:

Tehran (3 nights)
Kashan (1 night)
Isfahan (3 nights)
Yazd (1 night)
Shiraz (4 nights)

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