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Pricing, Transportation and Accommodation

The tour will cost 1,500 GBP per person.
This will cover the following:
  • A tour guide (Fluent in English and Farsi)
  • All accommodation (You will stay in ‘traditional’ Iranian boutique hotels wherever possible and if you prefer a private room throughout the tour an extra 200 GBP will be added)
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • All domestic transportation (Private tour bus for the entirety of the trip (except Tehran) , including a domestic flight to take you from Shiraz to Tehran at the last step of the tour)
  • Entrance to most major and less known attractions/ tourist sites in each city

Please note: All international flights to and from Iran are not included the price.


The tour will last 12 days and we will visit the following cities:
  • Tehran (3 nights)
  • Kashan (1 night)
  • Isfahan (3 nights)
  • Yazd (1 night)
  • Shiraz (4 nights)

Tehran Iran Tour

Day 1 (Tehran)

Arrive in Tehran and meet the rest of the group. Relax for the day and go out for dinner in the evening with your group.

Day 2 (Tehran)

  • Visit the royal Golestan Palace
  • Walk around the Grand Baazar
  • Visit Azadi Square in the evening and
  • Visit Northern Tehran in Tajrish to see the Shrine of Imamzadeh Saleh and climb Darband mountain for dinner

Kashan Iran Tour

Day 3 (Kashan)

  • Leave early morning after breakfast to the ancient town of Kashan
  • Visit the Bozorgh Agha Mosque and the Grand Baazar
  • Have lunch and relax
  • Visit Tabatabaei, Hoseini and Bani Kazemi Historical Houses. Incredibly beautiful and famous all over Iran for their beauty and history.

Isfahan Iran Tour

Day 4 (Isfahan)

  • Leave Kashan early morning after breakfast and drive to Isfahan (‘nasf-e-jahan’) – Half of the World
  • Arrive in Isfahan and visit Naqsh-e-Jahan (where you will see the famous Sheikh Lotfollah and the grand Shah Abbas Mosques)
  • Visit the Si-o-Si Pol bridge and sit by the river Zayndeh river to enjoy the evening atmosphere around this incredible site

Day 5 (Isfahan)

  • Visit the oldest and largest mosque in Isfahan – the ‘Jameh Mosque’ (friday mosque)
  • Visit the less known but incredibly beautiful Seyyed Mosque
  • Enjoy traditional Isfahani speciality lunch
  • Visit Chehel Satoon palace

Day 6 (Isfahan)

  • Start the day by visiting the old Armenian Christian quarter of Jolfa and visit the magnificent Vank Cathedral
  • Walk around Jolfa and enjoy local coffee and tea offerings
  • Spend the evening in Naqsh-e-Jahan and visit the Ali Qapu palace

Yazd Iran Tour

Day 7 (Yazd)

  • Leave Isfahan early morning after breakfast and drive to Yazd
  • Welcome to Yazd – the Zoroastrian capital. Visit the ‘Towers of Silence’ and the largest Fire Temple in Yazd
  • Visit the Dowlat Abad gardens in the evening

Day 8 (Yazd/ Shiraz)

  • Visit the Jameh Mosque of Yazd and the surrounding ancient city and markets
  • Have lunch and leave in the evening for Shiraz

Shiraz Iran Tour

Day 9 (Shiraz)

  • Welcome to Shiraz – the city of poets and saints
  • Arrive in the evening and rest

Day 10 (Shiraz)

  • Wake up at sunrise to visit the ‘Pink Mosque’ (Nasir ol Molk Masjid)
  • Visit the tombs of Hafez and Saadi
  • Visit the most famous gardens in all of Iran – the Erum Bagh
  • Visit Vakil Mosque and the Vakil Bathhouse

Day 11 (Shiraz)

  • Visit Persopolis and Necropolis

Day 12 (Shiraz/Tehran)

  • Fly to Tehran early morning
  • Relax in Tehran and enjoy some downtime

What you can expect to see and do

Iran has a lot to see. Our aim is to cover the heart of Iran and show you as much as we can at a comfortable pace. You will visit most major sights in each city – covering palaces, ancient mosques, mausoleums, gardens and off the path sights only locals would know. You will see ancient the city of Persepolis in Shiraz, the fire temples and towers of silence of the Zoroastrians in Yazd, the magnificent mosques and palaces of the Safavid and Qajar dynasty in Isfahan and Tehran. We will immerse you in local culture and tradition as much as possible. You will eat Iranian food, relax in local cafes and listen to live music under the bridges and streets of Iran. A timeless tradition.

There will also be some down time each day for you to explore places we might not cover. This tour has been specially designed to deliver an experience that is more than simply tourism. We recognise some guests are interested in culture, art and architecture and others want a spiritual touch. We will do our best to ensure everyone is satisfied.

Who is this tour suitable for?

Anyone who has been curious about Iran and wants to learn and explore the culture, social and spiritual side of Iran. This is not a religious tour and we aim to deliver a secular experience for all our guests. All we ask is that you are open minded and can enjoy the diversity and beauty of this wonderful place.

Iran is a very safe destination for all travellers (including female) and the people are hospitable, respectable and most importantly welcoming.

While Iran is also very family friendly and suitable for those with children this tour unfortunately will not be geared for families at this point. We will cover great distances and have busy days that might make it difficult for young children. If you would like to visit Iran with your family please contact us for advice as we can assist in creating a tailored tour.


All EU citizens (except the UK) can obtain a visa on arrival at major airports in Iran.

Please read our detailed guidance on getting the Iran visa.

All other world citizens must also apply for a visa in advance. Zirrar Tours will guide you throughout the visa process to obtain the visa authorisation code.


Please read our FAQ section here to help you plan for the ‘Heart of Persia’ tour.